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Friday, 7 December 2012

My Photo Gallery (4)


Pictures of Thipaw, My Old Home Town.

Northern Shan State.


(1)      Wild Sun Flower, Symbol of Thipaw.
                 " The Wild Sun Flower "
                           The Wild One,
                           Though some Discarded,
                           Has Beauty of its Own,
                           Not alone in the Nature,
                           I am the Wild Sun Flower.
                                     ( by S. Hlaing )

(2)          On the way to Kone Tha Village, Thipaw Township.


(3)       On the Way to Moe Tay Creek, Thipaw Township.

(4)        Mote Tay Creek, Thipaw Township.

(5)      Thipaw Day Market -1


(6)      Thipaw Day Market -2



(7)        Thipaw Night  Market -1


(7)       Thipaw Night Market -2

(9)       Nun's Discussion on Thipaw Lanmadaw Road.

(10)       Morning ritual procession of Monks on Thipaw Lanmadaw Road.

(11)      A typical Shan hut at Kone Tha Village, Thipaw Township.

(12)     Yellow Carpeted field at the entrance of Kyaung Pyaing Village, Thipaw Township.

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